Step-by-Step Guide

Kickstart Your  Investment Journey

Seamlessly register with our trusted broker and initiate your profitable forex investment with ease.

Simple Registration Process

Taking the first step towards a profitable forex investment is crucial, and it begins with a seamless registration process. The broker acts as your gateway to the vast world of forex, ensuring your investments are handled with utmost professionalism.

To get started, simply visit this link.

Carefully fill out all the fields marked with an asterisk and make sure to agree to the terms by ticking the respective boxes. Confirm you’re not a robot with the captcha check. Conclude your registration by clicking the Send button.

Once done, you’re ready to dive into the exciting realm of forex trading with Autopilot FX guiding your way.

Client Verification: A Quick and Essential Step

client verification

Our broker is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and is fully AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliant. This means that, as part of the global effort to prevent financial fraud and illicit activities, they require all clients to verify their identity.

It’s a simple process. All you need to do is upload a scanned or photographed copy of your ID, and for address verification, a recent utility bill will suffice. This step not only safeguards your investments but also aligns with international financial regulations, ensuring that your trading experience is both secure and compliant. The entire verification process takes just a few minutes, and once completed, you’re all set to embark on your investment journey.

Funding Your Account: Seamless and Diverse Options

Once your verification is complete, you’re just a step away from kickstarting your forex investment journey. It’s time to deposit funds into your account. Decide on the amount you wish to deposit in USD, ensuring you account for any transaction fees to meet the minimum investment threshold of $3,000 for the forex profile.

For the ‘Purpose of Payment’, keep “Money Box USD”. Think of this as your financial gateway, a dedicated wallet from which you can seamlessly transfer funds to your forex investment profile.

deposit funds

We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why there is a range of payment methods tailored to your convenience. Whether you prefer the traditional Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card funding, or you’re inclined towards online payment providers like Skrill and Neteller, we’ve got you covered. For those keen on leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC-20, or Tether TRC-20.

Choose the method that aligns best with your preferences, and embark on a rewarding forex investment experience with Autopilot FX.

Final Step: Transferring to Your Investment Profile

You’re almost there! The last step to activate your forex investment journey is transferring funds from your ‘Money Box USD’ to the investment profile. Navigate through the menu to ‘PAMM rating’, select the ‘Marcellus’ profile (id: 380508), and simply click on ‘INVEST‘. Remember, the minimum investment threshold is $3,000.

invest funds

The investment cycles, termed ‘Invest Periods’, span 14 days. This structured approach ensures that deposits and withdrawals are streamlined, occurring once every two weeks. This gives you the flexibility to either amplify your investment, increasing your share of the overall profit, or to conveniently withdraw your earnings.

For a comprehensive view of our trading performance, including detailed trade histories and profit graphs, head over to the Profit Results page. Dive deep, analyze, and witness the potential that Autopilot FX brings to your financial portfolio.